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History of Kendall County Fair

The Kendall County Fair officially began in 1841. The first Kendall County Agricultural Fair was held in Oswego in 1854. Only in 1856, did the Fair take place in Plano.

Beginning in 1857, the Kendall County Fair spent the remainder of its original 53 years in Bristol and Yorkville vicinity. The Fair was celebrated for four days in September and appeared to be one of the best county fairs in the state of Illinois.

Entertainment included horse races, chariot races, musical entertainment, games of chance, greased pole competitions, mule races, foot races, and an ice cream stand. Exhibits consisted of horticulture, floriculture, livestock, needlework, and machinery.

In 1894 the Kendall County Fair began as a joint stock company and became an association. Entertainment at the time included America’s great pastime, baseball. In 1904, the decision was made to shorten the fair to only two days due to structural expenses and slow ticket sales. Despite every attempt to increase ticket sales during the next few years, the Fair Association was unable to meet is debts.  The decision was made to end the fair and in August 1907 the headline read: “Died in 53rd Year, Kendall County Old Fair is a goner.”

With years of work and dedication by many volunteers, the Kendall County Fair returned to Kendall County at its current location in 1993.

About the Kendall County Fair Logo

The historical Kendall Fair logo may seem simple, but do you know what it stands for? 

Many people don’t, but we thought you would like to know! The tractor and field represent agriculture which is a very large part of our county, even today. Kendall County also has a large presence of industry, which is why you see the industrial building within the logo. Kendall County is a growling community with a lot of homes and was included to represent community growth. Combining it all under a bright sun, was the concept behind the sunburst. Bringing everyone together at the Kendall County Fair to meet each other and enjoy their time there. The logo represents bringing together friends, family, and community, meeting at the Kendall County Fair.

Directions (August 1-4, 2019 only)

The Kendall County Fairgrounds is located 1 mile west of the intersection of Route 47 and 71 in Yorkville, IL on Route 71. Traffic during the fair will be re-routed to enter off Highpoint Road from Legion Road. NO traffic will be allowed to enter off Route 71.

10826 Illinois Route 71, Yorkville, IL 60560

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