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Fair Schedule & Admission

2020 Fair is July 30th – August 2nd “We’ll see you at the Fair!”

Ticket Pricing

Thursday – Sunday    Adults $5     Kids (5-13) $4     Kids (4 and under) FREE

Senior Thursday $2!

“All times and locations are subject to change”


Live Bands – Main Stage

Thursday July 30th

Friday July 31st

Saturday August 1st

Sunday August 2nd



Theme Photo Contest


  • Entry Fee is $5
  • Total premiums offered $60: 1st: $30, 2nd: $20, 3rd: $10
  • Registration open until 3PM

Entry must be submitted on or before:

Theme Photo Contest Entry Form


  1. Any adults age 18 and over are allowed to enter. Registration is required. Mail your form EARLY as space is limited to the first 30 exhibitors who enter.
  2. Entry fee is $5 to cover the cost of Printing and prize Monday. Entry to the fair is not included in this cost. Participants will need to buy a fair ticket at the gate
  3. Check-in at the Family Stage no later than 5 pm on Thursday
  4. Pre-registered exhibitors will bring their digital cameras to the Fair and check-in. Memory cards must be empty before the contest begins.
  5. At 5 PM the theme of the school will be announced with instructions given. Participants will have 1 ½ hours to return and submit 2 images for judging from their memory card. These images will be downloaded and printed for judging. (see below)
  6. NO digital alterations or cropping is allowed. Participants will create the images submitted in- camera.
  7. No monopods or tripods will be allowed. Tripods can be trip hazards and will not be permitted in this contest.


Judging will begin at 8 PM in the Photography Department.

All images will be printed and displayed by directors.

Participants will then vote for three of their favorite photos, with the top three vote recipients placing first through third.

How to enter:

Complete the entry form above and mail or drop off at Fair Office.

If you are including this in your other entries attach it to your entry. 

Sweet Corn Chow Down

Sponsored by Kendall County Corn Growers & Keller’s Farmstand


Contest Rules:

  1. 10 competitors will be allowed in each class. It will be granted on a first come, first serve basis.
  2. Competitors will be provided with water, napkins, and sweet corn. Participants can provide their own condiments.
  3. Winners will be determined based on how many ears of corn consumed in the allotted time.
  4. Once time is called, participants will have 30 seconds to swallow their last mouthful.
  5. To be considered completed eaten, the participant must have consumed at least 90% of the corn on each cob.
  6. Vomiting at any time during the completion or within 5 minutes of contest completing will result in immediate disqualification.
  7. In the event of a tie, an “eat off” will be held. Participants will have ONE MINUTE to eat as many ears as possible. Rules above apply to the “eat-off” as well.
  8. All rules and decisions are at the contest organizer’s discretion. All decision made by the contest organizer are final

Watermelon Eating Contest

Sponsored by Keller’s Farmstand.

Mud Volleyball

Entry Fee: $125 per team of 6 to 8 (6 play at a time)

If registered before July 25 ($140 per team after July 25)

Price includes admittance to the fair for all team members on Sunday.

Ages 18 and older only. Risk forms required.

24 Team Limit. First come, first serve. Every team will play at least three games.

Decorated Bicycle Contest

Adorable Baby Contest

Junior Talent Show

The Junior Talent Show returns to the Kendall County Fair, and we are looking for the young talent of Kendall County. Kids 14 and under are invited to compete for the chance to represent Kendall County at the Illinois Association of Agricultural Fans in Springfield in January.  The type of talent is open to any stage act from vocalists to dancers to musicians, to gymnasts, to magician….the list is almost endless.

Entry fee of $10 for an individual or $20 for a duet or group 

Each Contestant must fill out the form with parent/guardian information. 

Ribbons awarded to the top 5 contestants. Cash prize for the top three winners.

Competition Rules

  1. The entry act must be a resident of Kendall County
  2. Any act that performs over the four-minute time limit will be disqualified. The contestant is not to give an introduction to their act. The Emcee will announce the act and the act will begin immediately after.
  3. Age limits of the Junior Divison:
    1. All Contestants can be 14 years old or younger on the day and date of the local contest. Junior division contestant can be 15 years old when competing at the State Level in January if they met the age requirements at their local contest.
  4. Floor microphones will be the only equipment furnished. Anything else required for the act must be supplied by the contestant.
  5. The panel of judges’ decisions will be final.
  6. There will be a setup time limit of three minutes per act. This will be timed.
  7. To lessen sound prop confusion. When using a CD accompaniment, only the song the contestant is using shall be on the CD. NO like talent is allowed on the recording (i.e vocal, tap dancing, any like instrument, etc.) this will be closely monitored.
  8. All acts must check in at the Main Stage by 11:00 AM on August 4, 2019, for contest rule reminders and to determine the order of performance.

The winner is expected to represent Kendall County Fair at the Illinois Agricultural Fair Convention in Springfield in January 2020.

Fair Exhibitors

Create your Exhibitor Account HERE – Please note that Exhibitor Accounts do not carry over from previous years or shows

OPEN Livestock Entries Due Date:

OPEN Home Economics Entries Due Date:

General Entry Requirements

Livestock Rules Home Ec Rules Other Interests
Livestock Entry Home Ec Entry Form Showmanship
Beef Field Crops Speed Show
Dairy Horticulture Truck and Tractor Pull
Goat Floriculture Theme Photo Contest
Sheep Arts & Crafts Bicycle Contest
Swine Just For Fun Craft Show
Poultry Photography Adorable Baby Contest
Rabbits Clothing Barnyard Olympics


Fair Vendors

We welcome your interest in becoming a fair vendor. To obtain information about vendors, please click on the links below to view or download information forms or applications.

Kendall County Fair Food Vendor

Food Vendor Information email us at [email protected]

Food and Drink Application

Food Vendor Rules

Commercial Vendor Spaces

For Vendor Information email us at [email protected]

Commercial Vendor Info Sheet

Commercial Vendor Contract

Savvy A-Fair Handcrafter’s Market

The Kendall County Fair is looking for hand crafters and artisans to be a part of the Savvy A-Fair Hand Crafter’s Market at the Fair! On Saturday, join others from around the area as they share their items with the visitors to the fair. Booth space is only $55 if reserved by August 1st. All businesses will get a 12ft. by 12ft space. Tables and chairs must be provided by the crafter. Pop-up tents are a REQUIREMENT. Upon receipt of payment and completed registration form, further instructions will be emailed.

Any questions can be directed to [email protected]

Truck and Tractor Pull

Saturday, August 3, 2019 6 PM 1 Track on Saturday Update total premiums offered

Truck and Tractor Pull

Demolition Derby

The Demolition Derby will be held on Sunday afternoon at 2:00 pm at the Grandstand

Demolition Derby Rules HERE

Demolition Derby Entry HERE